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January-March 2011 (oldest-to-newest)

14 Mar 2011 - An end and a beginning

Almost a year since my last post. What better way to break the hiatus than with some exciting news (for me).

The end of March will mark my last day at NVIDIA and my first day as an independent game developer. My wife and I are finally at a point financially where we can take the risk and allow me to try this game development thing full-time.

About six months ago I went through a round of interviews with several local iPhone game companies. I explained how I learned Objective-C and iPhone programming. I showed them demos and videos of the games I have made over the years. I believe I did well on their interview programming questions. Despite that I did not get any offers.

I am convinced that unless you are already in the game industry it is almost impossible to get a job there. I'm not surprised - I've read and known about that exact problem for years. Still, it's disappointing that I couldn't find a company willing to take a (relatively small) risk by hiring me.

So I'm going it alone. Starting in April I will be working from home in an effort to launch my gaming career. Wish me luck.

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