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July-September 2008 (oldest-to-newest)

14 Aug 2008 - Is this thing on?

I finally completed the web host transfer and am testing my news submission script. Let's see if this shows up.

Edit: Wohoo! I eventually plan to migrate everything to a WordPress blog. I'll make another post soonish to bring everyone up to date on current happenings.

26 Sep 2008 - Another month, another post

Just a few things to post about.

NUON programming has gone by the wayside lately due to lack of time. It's not likely to pick up again any time soon. We are embarking on a big house remodel project that will suck up all my spare cycles for the next 5-6 months.

In other news, I should point out that I am pretty active on EOJ Manager. I don't play the game that often (see above about lack of time), but I do help out the site by organizing contests & tournaments. If you have a PS3 and like trading card games you'll love EOJ. The next expansion is set to release next month. That will be a good time to jump in as I think they plan to release a version of the game that includes the updates for both Set 2 and Set 3, which you normally get off PSN as DLC. (TLA anyone?)

A while back my out-of-warranty import DS Lite acquired the infamous hinge crack. The crack eventually led to a full break with the two screens hanging on by one hinge. I found a replacement shell online and set about to transplant the guts of my old one to the new (using this repair guide). It's time consuming and intricate work, but I finally had the thing done only to find out I had FUBARed the touch screen. Thankfully those aren't too expensive so I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive before finishing the operation.

I'm giving away NUON pens for the cost of shipping. See this forum post for details.

Not much else to share at the moment. Ta.

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