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July-September 2007 (oldest-to-newest)

9 Jul 2007 - Video blog #5 - Robot Ron

Video blog entry #5 is available. Link here for feed watchers.

Production notes:

  • It's a lot easier to edit video from two video feeds rather than three. Also, I kept the video on the game itself most of the time since I know people want to see what it looks like.
  • This was recorded in my garage, as was the next episode as well. It's easier to bring the monitor out there rather than worry about waking up the kids.

Next: Dev system

27 Jul 2007 - This one's going to be late

Given that I haven't even shot the footage for the video entry after the next one I can't assemble the "Next time..." segment. I suppose I could edit the main video and drop in the preview once I get it done. Still, it's going to be late.

So just a heads up that the next video probably won't be ready until mid-August.

Why? I'm a lazy bum.

11 Aug 2007 - The loss of our friend Riff

I just posted this on the forums.

Earlier today I received word that Mike Perry, Riff as we know him, died of a cranium aneurism on August 1st. He was 32. His father got in touch with me presumably because I was in Riff's contact list or someone that he had recently emailed.

Riff was the author of the NUON emulator, Nuance. I'm sure you all know what a valuable contribution that was to the NUON community. It was our best way of keeping NUON alive once all the N501s break down and end up in the DVD player scrap heap. The emulator made it possible for anyone to play NUON software. I'm sure it was only a matter of time for CPU technology to catch up and allow the emulator to run at full speed.

His father has offered to send me the files related to Nuance. I will pass them along as soon as I receive them. I hope some other enterprising person can take up the reins and continue Mike's astounding work.

I didn't know him that well, yet I'm still deeply affected by his passing. Rest in peace, friend.

29 Aug 2007 - Month almost up

I'll be changing the format for the video entries a bit. In order to get this month's video out by the end of August I will be forgoing the preview for the following month. This trend will likely continue onward unless I somehow miraculously get ahead again.

After this one I only have two, maybe three, more episodes in mind before I run out of ideas. That will carry me through the end of the year. After that I will be taking a break from the videos.

1 Sep 2007 - Video blog #6 - Dev system

Here's the next, belated installment of my NUON video blog series. A tour of the NUON dev system and how I plan to spiff it up a bit.

Link here for feed watchers.

Since uploading this I've discovered a few things that need fixing. I will replace this one with the updated version later today or tomorrow.

18 Sep 2007 - PixelJunk

Been playing a lot of PixelJunk Racers lately. I knew from viewing the first screenshots and videos that the game was right up my alley. If anyone wants to add me, my PSN ID is Skah_T.

I recorded the first segment of the next video entry. One more segment and I can start editing it. This one will be a bit more involved than the last couple, but not too bad.

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