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July-September 2006 (oldest-to-newest)

19 Jul 2006 - Disarray

We're fully moved to the new house and have sold the old one (closing tomorrow). We're still in boxes somewhat - unpacking is slow with the kids around. Once our old house closes we won't have to worry about it any more and can focus more on the new one.

My dev kit is sitting in the front window box for now. I have had the urge recently to jump back into development, but haven't actually done it yet. I have a project to attempt before that...

22 Aug 2006 - Raaaawwwwwk!!!

After being stuck on a song in Guitar Hero for four months, I finally beat Crossroads tonight. I warmed up with a bunch of other songs and felt really good with those so thought I would do well. I timed the use of star power perfectly (for me). That ultra long solo at the end is murder.

I've heard Bark at the Moon is the killer (and kills you at the 96% point). Let's see if I can polish this game off before the sequel hits in November.

I can't remember the last time a game has captured my attention for so long. Hats off to Red Octane and Harmonix. If you were in Silicon Valley I'd be sending you my resume.

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