Download an image that will work with a C64 emulator such as VICE.

We created Mega-Gun on Gary Kitchen's Game Maker (GKGM) in July 1988 (we called ourselves The Enforcers back then). GKGM was great for budding programmers since it was a full package that obscured much of the nitty gritty details. It had built-in tools for drawing sprites & backgrounds as well as creating sound and music.

The name Mega-Gun does not really apply to the game in the way we had intended. Originally the game was to have a tank-like-thing for each player. Players could move along the ground side to side and fire at incoming objects. They would also have the ability to combine their tanks into one big super tank called the Mega-Gun (kind of like how players can combine in the arcade game Blasteroids).

I'm not sure why we abandonded that idea. The game ended up being more of an Atlantis style shooter where the players each have stationary guns in bottom corners of the screen. They use various weapons to destroy flying saucers in an effort to be the first to get 25,000 points.

Press the fire button gets your standard laser shot. You also have a supply of missiles which can be exploded into a stationary shockwave, waiting to hit any enemy that passes by. Your final weapon is a smart bomb that destroys all the enemies on the screen.

You have an infinite supply of lasers, but are limited in your missiles and smart bombs. You get more by destroying an appropriatly colored enemy. Player #1 can hit the light blue saucer to get 2 more missiles or the dark blue saucer for a smart bomb. Likewise, player #2 can hit the light red and dark red enemies to do the same. A special sound tells you when you've hit one of these bonus enemies.

The strategy to get to 25,000 fastest is cashing in on your own saucers quickly while denying your enemy theirs. Use your missiles to make it easier to hit the saucer you want, be it your own or your enemy's. Use your smart bombs when you want to wipe the slate clean - useful when there are multiple saucers colored in your opponent's favor.

It's an amusing game for a while - obviously you need someone to play against. I think the 25,000 limit is a bit high. Games tend to be too long that way.

If I could find a C64 emulator that worked 100% with GKGM I would be tempted to make some modifications to improve the game. Maybe even make Mega-Gun II :)

Screen Shots

Opening screen for every GKGM game. I created the game image recently which is why it says "DSI" rather than "Enforcers".

Missile firing. You can explode the missile any time while in flight. The missile explosion stays on the screen until an enemy hits it. Useful for imprecise enemy elimination.

Smart bomb launching. Use these when there are lots of enemies on the screen that would benefit your opponent.

Smart bomb exploding. Buh-bye.

We have a winner!

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