Approaching the Big 1000

The counter is getting close to hitting the big 1000 mark! While truly small compared to other sites (which might get a million hits a month), it's really an accomplishment for a page with such a limited set of viewers.

I'd like to do something cool for visitor 1000, but alas the logistics just won't work out. First of all there's nothing stopping someone from hitting "reload" a hundred times to be #1000. Second, I know close to zero about Java or cgi creation so I would not have a reliable way to verify who actually was #1000. So, sorry I'm not doing squat :P.

Hey, Everyone! Make a Link GIF!
If you didn't see the announcement in the Flash section here it is again (edited a bit):

James Anderson and I had an idea to create link GIFs which we will put on each other's sites. You probably saw his on my main page. Our purpose is to build more of a community amongst the Yaroze members, rather than just a bunch of separate web pages.

Of course we'd like to get as many people to do this as possible! Produce a link GIF which is 88x31 pixels and let James and myself know. We'll add it to our pages. Of course feel free to add everyone else's to your page too.

dsi janderson sauron peerless

So far we have four links (the first one is mine). If you want to take a few minutes to make a GIF I'd be happy to put it up. I will maintain a list of all graphics and to what URLs they should link.


New Insider Sections

Some changes afoot here:


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