GFKAEV Details

I recently had a chance to iron out some more details regarding GFKAEV (two 6-hour plane trips will do that). Here's the gist of the game. You must launch your spacecraft from your home planet and safely reach your destination, negotiating the dangerous space in between.

You choose the power and angle from which to launch. Then while in flight you take full control of your ship. You rotate it using the D-pad and thrust with a button. Firing lasers, decoys, and transport beams is accomplished by other buttons.

Your ship will be pulled and pushed by various gravitational effects due to planets, stars, and nebulas. Enemy turrets will also shoot at you. Overheating poses another problem as remaining too close to a star will cause damage (the act of firing or being hit will also produce heat). Be careful not to melt!

Sometimes your mission will be purely to reach your target. Other times you will need to rescue stranded space craft before arriving at your destination.

Your ship will be outfitted with several pieces of equipment. You'll have shields and a laser to get past the gun turrets. You can also use decoys to fool the turrets. You'll use a transport beam to rescue your fellow spacemen.

How well you finish each level will determine how many upgrade points you earn. There might also be upgrades floating around in the level for you to grab. Some upgrades include:


Items in bold are more recent.

Here's the list of what I've done so far:


Check out the screenshots below to get an early look at the game (these were produced using the Screen Grabber - see Spotlight for more details). Click on each one to get a description of the screen.

GFKAEV Screen Shots
ev1 ev2


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