GFKAEV Demo v1.0

                       DragonShadow Industries
                       (c) 1997 Scott Cartier

Thanks for downloading the game!  This is a preliminary demo that 
gives you an idea about how it will play.  I hope you enjoy it!

As always I'm interested to hear your comments.  Mail me at



The zip contains these files:

  readme.txt - This file
  evauto     - SIOCONS auto file
  data       - Data file (TIMs, VABs, etc)
  main       - Program binary

To run get into SIOCONS and hit [F3].  Type in "evauto" and you're
good to go.

I didn't include the source code to keep the download time down.  If
anyone's interested please contact me.



Your goal in each level is to fly from your starting planet (denoted
by a green ring) to the target planet (with a red ring).  In the later
levels, enemy laser turrets oppose you along the way.  It is not 
necessary to destroy these to complete the level, but in the final 
game it will be advantageous to do so (it will provide you the means 
to upgrade your craft).  For now just go by the honor system and try 
to destroy them all before finishing the level.

  All:  SELECT = exit game

  Title Screen:  Press START or X to bypass the opening text

  Game:  D-pad up/down = while launching to pick launch velocity
         D-pad right/left = rotate your craft clockwise/counter-CW
         X or D-pad up = Thrust
         SQUARE = Fire laser

Of the guages on the bottom of the screen, only the shield guage
actually works.

There are three lines in the HUD at the top-right corner.  The red
shows which way your ship is facing and the current thrust power.
Note the longer you hold the thrust button, the faster you accelerate.
When you release the button it slowly goes back down to zero.  The 
blue line in the HUD is your current travel direction and velocity 
(longer = faster).  Note you can be going in a totally different 
direction than you're thrusting.  The green line shows the sum of all 
gravitational forces being applied to your craft.


Level Notes

Level 1:

  Get accustomed to flying your craft around.  Feel how the gravity 
  pulls your ship.  Try to use the gravity to your advantage rather
  than constantly fighting it.

Level 2:

  Introducing nebulas.  Try flying through the four types of nebulas
  to see how they affect you (there are two different gray nebulas in 
  the middle).  Red slows you down.  Green speeds you up.  The gray 
  ones push you in a specific direction.  If you seem to get stuck in 
  a red nebula just keep thrusting and you'll break free.

Level 3:

  The danger begins.  Aside from colliding with planets now you have
  turrets to contend with.  Use your laser to blow these suckers away.
  You must destroy their shields before you can hit the actual turret.

Level 4:

  Don't get caught in the crossfire!

Level 5:

  A large planet exerts great gravity on your craft throughout this
  level.  Wasting all the turrets is a tricky proposition.


Known Issues
o Occasionally when you collide with a planet the game will pause for 
  a split-second.  Your ship might also jump a bit.

o On the start up screen (when displaying the text) there are 
  occasional flickers.


Umm, I guess that's it!  This demo just begins to show what I envision 
for the final game.  Check my web page for (somewhat frequent) 
progress reports:


This game and all accompanying files are (c) 1997 Scott Cartier


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