News Archive Q4 '99
November 22, 1999 - WinTimPak

I've started to learn Windows programming in an effort to port my TimPak utility from DOS. I want to make it all nice and spiffy :) I have done some Windows programming in the past, but it was a while ago when the libraries weren't very user friendly. I have Visual C++ 6.0 now and it looks to be much better. So, since this utility will be used for my Yaroze efforts I guess you could say I've come back to the Yaroze.

I've grown a bit bored with Grand Theft Auto. The problem is that you can only save after beating a city. So it takes several hours at a time to play. I finally played Wipeout 3 and it seems very cool. I'll try not to obsess over it like I did Wipeout 64 :). Ultima Ascention will be coming soon (Dragon Edition of course). Also I need to pick up Rocket: Robot on Wheels since it looks outstanding. Despite these wonderful distractions, I hope to pick up the Yaroze pace soon.

November 1, 1999 - Game playing binge

I've been continuing in the "game player" mode for a while now. I'm not sure when I'll switch back to "programmer" mode. I recently acquired Grand Theft Auto which has thoroughly occupied my time. I'm having a blast with it and expect to be at it for a few more weeks. I'm on the 4th out of 6 missions. Since I got the Director's Cut version I still have the London set to go through too.

I also snagged the old dancing game Bust-A-Groove. The music is very catchy and has me coming back for more regularly. And since you can finish a game in 30 minutes (unlike GTA which takes a few hours) it's more inviting for quick sessions.

Wipeout 3 and Homeworld are to be played at some point too.

October 12, 1999 - No progress

Seems like the seeming lack of updates from Penny Arcade (mentioned below) was my fault. When I created the bookmark it used some page that hasn't been updated in a while. When I changed it to just WWW.PENNY-ARCADE.COM it came up with the current news. I suppose I need to make sure every time I add a bookmark that it uses the right URL.

Still no progress on the enhanced Decaying Orbit. I've been busy playing System Shock 2. What an awesome game! Plus I just recently got Homeworld so that might occupy a lot of time depending on how much I get into it. I finished Sonic Adventure, but haven't gotten all the emblems yet. Don't know if I will, though since landing a 2000g fish with Big the Cat is hair-tearing frustrating. I picked up Soul Calibur a couple weeks back and have played that off and on. I'm not much into fighting games, but can appreciate the beauty of this one.

When will I get back to Decaying Orbit? Who's to say. I think I just need to dive back in and I'll get in the groove again. We'll see.


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