sprtasm (123k)
Sprite Assembler facilitates the creation of multi-frame sprites. It will automatically crop, resize, and concatenate several frames into one TIM or BMP.
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addrarng (16k)
The Address Arranger takes away the burden of making an SIOCONS "auto" file by hand. The program will take a list of files and a base address. It outputs an "auto" file and a C header file which you can #include in your program.
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timmanip (42k)
With TIM Manipulator you can play with a TIM's CLUT by reordering colors, changing RGB & transparency values, replacing one color with another, and much more.
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card (3.4k)
This is a memory card dump of my Tobal 2 save game. It has over 200 characters/creatures enabled. See the full description for instructions on how to use it.
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